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Why Organic Product ?



Do a favor to the world, to your baby and yourself.

Use products made with organic cotton.

Organic cotton is produced from genetically unmodified plants, without using pesticides, chemical fertilizers and toxic substances. This method is more costly than the new cotton production known as modern. Organic agriculture does not threaten the environment and human health, it is a reasonable form of production for the health of both the present and future generations.


Only 3% of the agricultural products made in the world are cotton.


  • Organic farming products protect us and our world by preventing exposure to pesticide residues that cause illnesses such as asthma and cancer in the long term and pollute our soil, air, water and nutrients. We now know that sustainable agriculture is possible only with the organic farming method, which does not harm the soil.

  • Since organic agriculture is a production system sensitive to human and environment, it is increasing its importance in our country and in the world.


Sustainable organic agriculture and organic products promise a healthy life for our children and for us in the long term.

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Organic cotton; goes through the stages of yarn processing, dyeing and knitting to be a fabric. As the fabric passes through these stages, it is kept away from other non-organic fabrics, synthetic fiber and also during dyeing it is kept away from dye stabiliser and chemicals harmful to human health. It is approved by international certification bodies that all these procedures are carried out in accordance with the procedures.

Natural peroxide is used for bleaching organic textile products, and heavy metal and sulfur-free dyes are used for colouring. Printing techniques with natural pigment are applied.


Textile production from organic cotton causes 98% less water pollution and 94% less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional methods. It provides more energy and water saving.


All of the products we sell are 100% organic cotton, produced in the Aegean region of western Turkey. It is sturdy and durable. Clothes made from organic cotton are breathable. There is no doubt organic cotton is healthy. 



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Our Fabric



Produced from beech wood, modal fabric has a particularly cellulosic structure. This special type of fabric, which was discovered in the 1950s and has survived until today, also offers a high quality and flexible structure that can be used for many years.

Modal fabric is obtained by rotation of cellulose created from beech wood. Modal is a semi-synthetic cellulose fiber that is a kind of artificial silk. Therefore the modal fabric is very soft. The most significant features of modal fabric are that it is soft and smooth. Its modal fibers have a higher water-holding capacity than cotton fibers.

Modal fabric is quite resistant to wear. It does not cause the body to sweat due to its high humidity transfer feature. It will provide comfort for your baby, especially because it does not cause him/her to sweat particularly in hot and very hot weather conditions. Modal keeps your baby's skin dry and makes it easier for the skin to breathe. Modal fabric is very ideal for babies and children, especially in underwear models.

Less shrinkage is seen in the artificial fiber modal made of beech wood than in cotton fabrics.

Products made of modal fabric are comfortable to use and feel very soft on your baby's skin. It also retains its features on the first day even after being washed many times.

Highlights of Modal Fabric;

Modal fabric is among the most widely used types, with its features and specialties.

- It breathes.

- It has a loosely structure.

- Its touch is like silk and soft.

- It has a bright look.

- It does not fade away and wear out due to the washing.

- It does not create perspiration, can be used in summer without chafing the body.

- It is usable in all seasons.

- It has a flexible structure.

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